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Best Practices

22/1/2021 | The successful course of an EquiFund startup, which makes coffee machines "smart"

To ensure the quality of coffee, the start-up company BibeCoffee has created an Internet of Things (IoT) real time monitoring solution for professional coffee machines, that turns every such machine into a smart connected terminal.


19/1/2021 | Pebble (IRIS): An innovative portable device that detects Covid-19

BIOPIX DNA Technology P.C. was established in December 2019 with the aim of making molecular diagnostic tools available to those in need, regardless of their economic capacity, country of residence and level of education.


22/10/2020 | Infrafrontier GR/Phenotypos: The Hellenic Research Infrastructure for Molecular and Behavioral Phenotypical Analysis of Biological Model Organisms for Chronic Degenerative Diseases of Man

The Infrafrontier GR/Phenotypos project is implemented by the Biomedical Sciences Research Centre "Alexander Fleming" within the framework of the EPANEK Action "Strengthening Research and Innovation Infrastructures" and aims to provide integrated, standardized services in biomedical research. The infrastructure had already successfully participated in the programming period 2007 – 2013 in the Operational Program "Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship" (EPAN II) in order to support and expand Greece's participation in the respective European Infrastructure and to increase the capacity of the units to meet the needs of the research community.


20/10/2020 | Tekmon, software pioneer for remote cooperation and emergency management

TEKMON is a high-tech IT company specializing in the development of smart digital tools for companies that employ workers outside their offices.

The company has developed the homonymous software, which is the first complete solution for the effective planning and supervision of daily work of employees outside the offices as well as for the management of emergencies and incidents. The company's headquarters are in Ioannina and employ 10 employees in Ioannina and Athens.



15/9/2020 | PANACEA Research Infrastructure: Actions and Findings on the COVID19 Pandemic

The Pan-Hellenic infrastructure for the study of atmospheric composition and climate change (PANACEA) is the only integrated Research Infrastructure (EE) for the composition of the atmosphere and climate for Greece, Southern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.

PANACEA  covers the need for observation and supervision of atmospheric composition, changes in solar radiation, climate change and related natural hazards in Greece. In addition, it pioneers the provision of services in sectors of the economy affected by air pollution and climate change.


7/7/2020 | MyJobNow: the platform for employers and employees

MyJobNow (MJN) is a job-finding platform that helps catering businesses and retailers hire staff. Job seekers can quickly and easily create their profile and apply for a job with just one click, and employers are also offered an easy process of creating jobs and managing candidates' applications.


7/7/2020 | Pushme Bikes: a successful "exit" for a flexible electric startup

Pushme Bikes was founded in 2016 by Dan Keene and George Kalligeros with the aim of offering a new philosophy to urban electric bicycle transportation.

In essence, the company has developed a new approach to urban electric mobility with electric bikes and skates, in which recharging is done through an intelligent system of exchanging batteries in stores and not by direct charging. In addition, the company had developed a system for converting any conventional bicycle to an electric one.


15/6/2020 | The company Psiliakos Hospital supports the national health system by donating ICU beds

The company PSILIAKOS HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT since 1968 supplies the Greek as well as the international hospital market with specialized hospital beds for Intensive Care Units (ICU) and with medical furniture.


5/6/2020 | EquiFund startups and COVID 19

The unprecedented health, economic and social crisis caused by the COVID 19 pandemic has changed the focus of research, business and technological efforts, towards the fight to tackle the pandemic or to mitigate the social consequences it has caused, nationally and globally.