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Tekmon, software pioneer for remote cooperation and emergency management [20/10/2020]

TEKMON is a high-tech IT company specializing in the development of smart digital tools for companies that employ workers outside their offices.

The company has developed the homonymous software, which is the first complete solution for the effective planning and supervision of daily work of employees outside the offices as well as for the management of emergencies and incidents. The company's headquarters are in Ioannina and employ 10 employees in Ioannina and Athens.

In 2016 it was awarded for its services in the field of software development, with the "Best New Software Development Company" award at the PAPASTRATOS Awards, in 2017 it won the Gold Award in Business IT Excellence Awards in the category "Operational Continuity" for the implementation of its system at Athens International Airport and in 2018 it was awarded the Supply Chain Awards Gold Award in the category "Structured communications and digitization of procedures" for the implementation of its system in the distribution centers of the supermarket chain AB Vasilopoulos.

At the same time, TEKMON has a strong research interest with publications at scientific conferences in the field of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), IoT and ICT Early Warning Systems.

In November 2018 venture capital Uni.Fund's investment in TEKMON was completed, aiming at faster growth of the company by entering new markets. Uni.Fund is one of the Funds funded by the EquiFund. The Fund's resources come from the EPANEK (National and European resources from the European Regional Development Fund), the European Investment Fund (EIF), the European Investment Bank, institutional and private investors.

The operation of the platform is simple: in less than 60 minutes and without specialized knowledge one can post the contact details of the people with whom he would like to communicate, group them for more targeted management and create update scenarios with specific information and instructions ready for shipment at any time.

When a scenario needs to be activated, all the user has to do is select it and press send. The system undertakes to send the information to tens, hundreds or even thousands of people through different communication channels (SMS, e-mails and phone calls). Communications can be two-way - that is, in addition to the shipment, the recipient has the ability to respond to the notification and their response can be recorded. Depending on the scenario and according to the organization's wishes, communications may be scaled up in such a way as to ensure the fastest or most economical method.

Especially in critical incidents such as extreme weather events, malfunctioning IT systems, strikes, medical emergencies, etc. which may have an impact on the operational functioning of organizations, disrupt the supply chain or even threaten the safety of their employees, the need for timely and valid information is critical, and is achieved in the shortest possible time with Tekmon's mass alert technology.

Since March 2020, and due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tekmon has offered mass notification technology at no cost to organizations in the country in order to be able to manage extraordinary communications with employees and other partners in relation to COVID-19. It is a technology of similar logic to that of 112 Civil Protection, specially designed for the needs of private companies and entities. Its users are already LAMDA Development, Athens International Airport, Fraport Greece, the American College of Thessaloniki, etc.

From August 2020 the company's services are provided to TfL (Transport for London) - a body that monitors and coordinates public transport in London. TEKMON provides more than 1500 workers carrying out maintenance work on the transport network with the opportunity to be informed directly from a distance of the work (Remote Briefing) to be carried out.

Undoubtedly, the successful course of TEKMON is one of the typical cases where the European Co-financing has supported and helped to develop an extrovert innovative enterprise that offers significant added value to the Greek economy and especially to the region.