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26/9/2017 | EYD Epanek participates in the annual fair of PELOPONESE EXPO (27/9 - 1/10) in Argolis

EYD Epanek will take part in the annual fair of PELOPONNISOS EXPO (27/9 - 1/10) in Argolis which will be situated in the Fragista building on the 4th klm of the national road of Argos-Nafplio. (More info on the expo


25/9/2017 | Participation of the EPANEK SA at the 82nd Thessaloniki International Exhibition, September 9-17, 2017

EYD EPANEK has successfully participated in the 82nd Thessaloniki International Fair, held from September 9th to 17th. The 1500 exhibitors who participated and the attendance of more than 260,000 visitors make it the greatest of the decade.


25/9/2017 | Infographic Escrow Account

With the use of the Escrow or Trust Account, the grant attributable to the beneficiary in expenditure incurred and invoiced is paid directly to its suppliers.  The objective is to help beneficiaries, effectively deal with potential liquidity problems when implementing their investment plan.  In this leaflet you can find out how it works.


22/9/2017 | Information Sheet for the Action "Enhancing the Self-Employment of Graduates of Higher Education (2nd Cycle)"

The main objective of the Action "Strengthening the self-employment of higher education graduates" (2nd Cycle) is the support of higher education graduates to start / support the pursuit of professional activity related to their specialization in a self-employed field. 


22/9/2017 | Informative leaflet "We support the present, we plan for the future"

Informative leaflet, presenting all the available means of communicating with the Managing Authority of the Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPAnEK).


22/9/2017 | Business Financing leaflet

In this guide you will find all the financial tools available to businesses, individuals and co-operatives.  The grant schemes presented include: funding grants, subsidies include borrowing, interest rate subsidies, guarantees, tax breaks, etc.  The financial instruments include NSRF programs, the Investment Incentives Law and direct EU funding.


22/1/2015 | See the brochure on EPAnEK 2014-2020 – Starting the growth engine

EPAnEK is structured around the following main Priority Axes:

 - Enhancing entrepreneurship with Sectoral priorities” 2,367.8 million Euros total budget

- “Adaptability of employees, enterprises and entrepreneurial environment to the new development requirements” 849.9 million Euros total budget

- “Development of mechanisms to support entrepreneurship” 1,360.9 million Euros total budget

- “ERDF Technical Assistance” 70.5 million Euros total budget

-“ESF Technical Assistance” 16 million Euros total budget


14/4/2014 | Significant public interest for the EPAnEK-Kinisi Consultation Day on 3/4/14 at the Hilton

More than 600 participants attended the Consultation of Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation "Restart - movement" under the new National Strategic Reference Framework 2014-2020, which had great success on Thursday 3rd of April, at Hilton Hotel.



3/4/2014 | Public Consultation Day for the 'Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation' Operational Programme ("EPAnEK-kinisi") of the new NRSF

Speaking at the public consultation day on 'EPAnEK-kinisi', Mr Hatzidakis noted that the programme, which will be the largest operational programme of the new NSRF, marks a break with the decades-old tradition that focused chiefly on technical works, as funds will now be channelled towards:

- Tourism in general and specific forms of tourism.

- The Agri-food sector, in cooperation with the Ministry of Rural Development

- Logistics (supply chain)

- The Environmental industry

- The health sector and the pharmaceutical industry.

- Energy production and saving.

- Information and Communications Technologies.

- The sector of materials-constructions.

- Creative industries that include sectors such as Greek design and culture.