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List of Operations

To ensure transparency concerning support from the Funds, in accordance to Regulation (EC) 1303/2013 article 115 par. 2, a list of operations i.e. a list of all the public projects and state aids selected for co-funding under the PA 2014-2020 by Operational Programme and by Fund is published online.

The list is provided by the Monitoring Information System (MIS) Service in a spreadsheet data format, which allows data to be sorted, searched, extracted, compared and easily published on the internet.

The list's contents are determined in Regulation (EC) 1302/2013 Annex XII and include the following data fields:

  • beneficiary name (only of legal entities, no natural persons shall be named);
  • operation name;
  • operation summary;
  • operation start date;
  • operation end date (expected date for physical completion or full implementation of the operation);
  • total eligible expenditure allocated to the operation;
  • Union co-financing rate, as per priority axis;
  • operation postcode; or other appropriate location indicator;
  • country;
  • name of category of intervention for the operation in accordance with point (b) (vi) of the first subparagraph of Article 96 (2);

The list is provided here in greek language, however, in accordance to Regulation (EC) 1302/2013 Annex XII, the headings of the data fields are also provided in english.

The list contains the Operations that have been included until the date of its export and will be renewed every 6 months.


You can see the List of Operations here