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Best Practices

MyJobNow: the platform for employers and employees [7/7/2020]

MyJobNow (MJN) is a job-finding platform that helps catering businesses and retailers hire staff. Job seekers can quickly and easily create their profile and apply for a job with just one click, and employers are also offered an easy process of creating jobs and managing candidates' applications.

MyJobNow uses a smart algorithm to select and present job opportunities that suit the candidate with distance and skill being the main criteria. For the jobs chosen by the candidate by pressing a button, his profile appears to the employer, who within 48 hours can decide whether he wants to invite the candidate for an interview.

Employers and employees have the ability to communicate with messages through the application and MJN helps to simplify the whole process.

The application has proven to be particularly useful in hiring "front line" staff (bluecollar), enabling prospective employees to seek professional employment through the mobile application.

For the tourist season, MyJobNow hosts places on islands, thus covering needs created in the middle of the tourist season that are usually the most urgent.

At the same time, from the spring of 2020, it provides temporary employment services for the Delivery services area.

The MyJobNow team managed to create a tool that connects thousands of people every day with their next job, from Athens and the Peloponnese, to Crete, the Cyclades and Thessaloniki.

MyJobNow is funded by the EquiFund Super Fund Fund Velocity Partners Venture Capital and the amount of the public expenditure of the project reaches 876,529 euros

The EquiFund investment platform is funded by EPANEK (European Regional Development Fund and national resources), the European Investment Fund (EIF), the European Investment Bank and institutional and private investors.