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3D Printing in the service of the battle against coronavirus [26/5/2020]

The company TED3D based Volos operates in three-dimensional printing (3d Printing ) or else the prosthetic construction. She has a long-standing specialization in the field of 3D and photorealistic design in innovative and pioneering constructions through her participation in various laboratories of the University of Thessaly (Construction Lab, Business Plan of Media Hub ) and has won 2nd place in the Parking Planning Competition of the University of Thessaly.       

The 3D printing is a technology - process, with many perspectives and applications, which makes it possible to create objects through multiple successive layers of material, usually much smaller than a millimeter, in collaboration with highly advanced both machines and software systems.

For the 3D printing, various types of materials may be used, depending on the needs of each client, such as PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) Thermoplastic (Fused Deposition Modeling), which is a biodegradable thermoplastic, environmentally friendly, A BS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Thermoplastic (Fused Deposition Modeling ) is one of the most common types of plastics in the manufacturing industry, Nylon, Laywood, Ninja Flex and Laywood which comes from recyclable wood and gives us the image of a wooden object. 

Some of the most key innovative products of TED3D which are already designed and costed directly to production are:   

• 3D printing of architectural models

• 3D metal joints : standard, special metal connectors and anchors from carbon - filament for heavy steel structures

• 3D blocks : concerns building material with high insulation index

• 3D casts : splints for musculoskeletal injuries custom made for each patient

• 3D kinisio support : kinetic-guardian replacing kinisiotape and conventional guardian

• 3D dental : dental aids of all types from specially approved and certified bio - inks for bridges, additions, etc.

• 3D food box : special boxes and food packaging from special certified filament

Through the offer of the above products, the goal is to reduce costs, save energy and resources, increase productivity, reduce waiting time and acquisition time and the ability to modify the requested products at a much lower cost.

With the implementation of the investment plan, the company  has already secured a share of sales of its innovative products, thanks to the strategic cooperation with 8 companies in various sectors of economic activity, having signed relevant preliminary agreements.

TED3D, is the beneficiary of the Action "Start up entrepreneurship" of the Operational Program “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation” (EPAnEK)  (NSRF 2014-2020) which is co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) with an investment of 60,000 euros. 

The company has great prospects for development as this sector is still in its infancy in the Greek market, but the relevant technology has shown great progress in recent times.

It is noteworthy, however, that in the context of the difficult situation that has arisen due to the pandemic of COVID -19, TED 3D carried out a commendable solidarity initiative, in collaboration with the University of Thessaly and the Hospital of Volos until 07/04/2020, has produced and donated throughout Greece over 4,500 face shields  in institutions such as hospitals, health centers, ambulance, police, Coast Guard, and the army.

The shield is multipurpose and sterilized by gently sterilant (alcoholic, chloride, glycerin, like ̟ Pune , furnaces UV ) and the possibility of production of the CNC machine that was allocated from the TED3D for 24 hour use by the Department of Mechanical Engineering , has the possibility to build 25 to 30 protecting face shields in an 1 hour. 

The main advantages of this face shield protection are the following:

1. designed and tested by various university clinics and emergency departments,  before starting the its mass production of the shield protecting the mucous membranes and in combination with a surgical mask, it is possible to protect even more people who use it.

2. its strength due to its durable biocompatible material

3. its multiple uses,

4. The large number of shields which can be manufactured in one hour, in contrast to other methods of production that also use 3D printing technologies.


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