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The central communication objective of the Program is to inform potential beneficiaries about the funding opportunities offered and to publicize the role and achievements of cohesion policy and the Structural Funds, the ERDF and the ESF on the results and impact of the program Operational Program.

Ensuring the transmission of the correct information is the work of the Managing Authority and the beneficiaries in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 1303/2013 (Articles 110, 115-117, Annex XII) and Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 821/2014 (Chapter II). The communication obligations described in the above EU Regulations were codified in the Communication Guide Partnership Agreement 2014-2020In July 2018 Regulation (EU, Euratom) No.1046/2018 is published, amending the articles on communication and information of the Common Provisions Regulation of the Structural Funds 1303/2013, as described in Article 272.

Beneficiaries, whether natural or legal persons governed by private or public law, are invited to contribute to the dissemination of the Program, the Structural Funds and the results.

In this section you will find detailed instructions, the necessary logotypes and models for the correct implementation of the communication obligations.

Managing Authority of "Competitiveness" Programme  is available to interested parties for any relevant information or clarification regarding the obligations and the implementation of publicity actions of the beneficiaries.


Emblems, Logotypes and Examples 

Applications of the European Union and Structural Funds emblem in high resolution, suitable for typographic and digital use, both in Greek and in English.

Where other logotypes other than the European Union emblem are depicted, the Union emblem shall have at least the same size, measured in height or width, with the largest of the other logotypes.

Guidelines for Websites

All beneficiaries are required to acknowledge the support of the action by promoting:
  • the emblem of the Union, with reference to the Union, in accordance with the technical characteristics laid down in Implementing Regulation 821/2014
  • the Fund or the Funds (in words) that support the Call.

Where an information and communication measure concerns one or more operations co-financed by more than one Fund, the reference to the Fund may be replaced by a reference to the European Structural and Cohesion Funds.

Detailed instructions for signaling websites
E-banners in alternative dimensions (EU-NSRF-EPAnEK-ERDF-ESF)


Obligation of Signs and Posters

When implementing a Call financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the beneficiary is responsible for the posting of a temporary sign of a sizeable size, to a point easily visible to the public, when the total public contribution exceeds 500.000 euros and when the operation is to finance infrastructure or construction projects.

After the implementation of the Call and within three months at the latest, the beneficiary is responsible for the posting of a permanent commemorative board or sign of a sizeable size visible to the public when the total public contribution exceeds 500.000 euros and when the Call consists of buying object material or the financing of infrastructure or construction projects.

For the construction of signs, please consult the guide: Specification of temporary and commemorative signs

In the case of the signs required the main objective of the Call it is suggested to rely on the specific objective of the Call and to process the wording so that it is understandable to the general public. Relevant proposals for the formulation of the specific objectives follow the file: Specific Objectives of EPAnEK

Beneficiaries who are not subject to the obligation of a post of a sign are required to post a poster to a point easily visible to the public, such as the entrance of a building. Beneficiaries have the possibility to issue the obliged poster via the electronic application for poster production which is accessible from the folowing link:

Managing Authority of EPAnEK is creating special promotional material for use by the Call Beneficiaries, which you can find here.


Obligations of Beneficiaries of Aid Calls 

In this section, the beneficiaries of Aid Calls can obtain the required records to meet the communication, information and visibility requirements for the Call they are implementing.

Files for print and digital use:


EPAnEK Communication Strategy

Learn about the communication strategy of the program:

EPAnEK Communication Strategy (June 2015)


Communication Guide Partnership Agreement 2014-2020

Detailed guide to the rules on communication and Guidelines of funded programs.

Communication Guide Partnership Agreement 2014-2020