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Grants for Accounting and Tax Accounting Enterprises [3/3/2022]

The Action aims to support accounting and tax services companies (Self-employed and Legal Entities), in order to adapt their operation by upgrading / acquiring the necessary digital infrastructure, to continue to provide their services smoothly and to support the business community, the public administration, but also the citizens, in order to respond to the new conditions created by the pandemic (COVID 19).



30 million euros for all the regions of the country.

The Action is co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) of the European Union and by national resources.


Small and medium enterprises, which have been registered in the relevant Registers kept by the Economic Chamber of Greece, as follows:

  • Self-employed accountants - tax experts holding professional accountant - tax expert identity by classes and
  • Legal Entities providing accounting and tax services.


Each beneficiary will be given a maximum total grant for the upgrade of the digital infrastructure of his business as follows:

  • Grant up to 2,000 euros

0 =< revenue for the year 2020 =< 20,000 euros

  • Grant up to 1,500 euros

revenues for the year 2020 > 20,000 euros

Period for submission of investment projects

From 9/3/2022 (12:00) to 18/4/22 (15:00) 

Electronic Submission

The funding application is submitted electronically through the web-based platform: 

Contact – Info

EPAnEK Information Office: 8 Dragatsaniou Street, in the center of Athens.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10.00 am. to 2.00 pm.

Information by calling  801 11 36 300 from a household line, with a local phone charge,  from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm

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