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Invitation (corrected notice) – Training of SME human resources on extroversion matters (invitation code EPAnEK 02) [16/1/2015]

Date of Issue: 23/12/2014

First day of submission: 23/12/2014
Last day of submission: 02/03/2015 
Issuing Authority: Managing Authority of the “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation”

Total Budget: 12,000,000 Euros

Subsidised Budget: 2,000,000 Euros

The call is addressed to social partners or associations orpartnerships of public sector agencies, or of non-profit private sector agencies, which -according to the purpose recorded in their statutes- design and/or organize and/or implement training, education and  further training actions for employees of enterprises and have the possibility to implement these programmes with private means, for the submission of project proposals (operations), so that they can be included in the framework of “Training of SME human resources on extroversion matters”.

Potential beneficiaries of the operations must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Demonstrate and/or secure the infrastructure required for the implementation of the project of the invitation, with a view to ensuring nation-wide coverage for the intervention,
  • Hold either a type B or C NSRF beneficiary certificate of managing competence or a certificate according to ELOT (the Hellenic Organisation for Standardisation)standards. In case of association or partnership of agencies, the certificate of managing competence will be required only from the partner which, according to the individual terms of the agreement signed between them, is responsible for the implementation of the training programme. In case the associations or partnerships decide to create an independent legal entity, the latter shall satisfy the requirement for managing competence,
  • Have secured in writing the participation of sectoral or collective agencies involved in extroversion through an agreement or memorandum of cooperation in order for the intervention to achieve maximum effectiveness,
  • Either they or at least one of the parties to the association must have implemented or be implementing, as beneficiaries, training programmes co-financed with own resources in more than one of the country's regions during the programming period 2007-2013,
  • Candidates, in addition to the above required documents, may submit any other document evidencing their ability to implement the above operation.

The objective of this invitation is the selection of Beneficiaries that will implement extroversion oriented Educational Programmes. (Indicatively: export techniques, export marketing, product labelling standards).

Proposals are submitted in paper and in electronic form to the Managing Authority of the “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation”, at 56 Mesogeion St., 115 27, Athens, 9:00-14:00 on all working days. The proposals may be submitted via registered mail, in which case the date of submission will be that of the postmark.

Contact Details: 

Mrs. F. Moustakatou, tel. 213 1503647,

Managing Authoritys' Information Desk, tel. 801 11 36 300 (from a land line) daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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