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Innovation Clusters (2nd Call: Businesses) [9/12/2020]

The Action is a continuation of the first relevant Invitation to the "Facilitators" and aims at the implementation of business plans in collaborative schemes, placing an emphasis on the dimension of innovation, with a views to assist them in their development,  as well as to help them in forming  Research and Technology collaborations with other businesses.

The goal of individual business plans is to develop significant momentum in the production of new innovative products and services, the implementation of strategies to penetrate target markets, create job growth, attract investment and create new knowledge and know-how, through activities to be implemented under each Innovation Cluster.


34.68 million euros, which are distributed in the Thematic Sectors of Research, Technological Development and Innovation of the national RIS3 and in the different regions of the country. 4,542 million euros  are directed to the agri food sector. 

The Action is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and from national resources.


Existing enterprises regardless of size and date of establishment, which are members or potential members of the qualified Innovation Clusters (1st Call: Facilitator). Businesses must qualitatively and quantitatively document their contribution to the development of the Innovation Cluster.

Period for submission of investment projects

From 09/12/2020 to 26/03/2021 (15:00).

Contact - Info:

General Secretariat for Research and Technology, Directorate for Support of Research & Innovation Actions / Department of Innovation, 14-18 Mesogeion, 11510 Athens

- Apergis Konstantinos, tel. 213-1300157, e-mail:

- Sofianopoulou Theoni, tel. 213-1300160, e-mail:

EPAnEK Information Office:
8 Dragatsaniou Street , Klathmonos Square, Athens.

Information by calling  801 11 36 300, from a household line, with a local phone charge,  from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm