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CLEAN SKY 2 JU [17/9/2020]

The Action concerns the support for the implementation of research and development projects and innovation expenditures. The Action focuses on the Priority Areas of RIS3 2014-2020.

The aim of the Action is to finance projects in areas that present synergies or complementarity between the national smart specialization strategy and the strategic R&D agenda of the joint venture.




1,236,875.00 euros

The Action is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and from national resources.

Period for submission of investment projects

From 17/09/2020 (13:00) to 21/10/2020 (15:00).

Contact - Info:

 Detailed information and information is provided by:

- The General Secretariat for Research and Innovation, Directorate of International S&T Cooperation, Department of European Union, 14-18 Mesogeion, 11510 Athens, and specifically by the GSRT staff:

Mr. Michalis Kotsias, 2131300115, e-mail:

- EPAnEK Information Office: 8 Dragatsaniou Street, in the center of Athens.

Opening hoursMonday to Friday from 10.00 am. to 2.00 pm.

Information by calling  801 11 36 300, from a household line, with a local phone charge,  from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm




Call for funding proposal