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Information Sheet for the Action "Enhancing the Self-Employment of Graduates of Higher Education (2nd Cycle)" [22/9/2017]

The main objective of the Action "Strengthening the self-employment of higher education graduates" (2nd Cycle) is the support of higher education graduates to start / support the pursuit of professional activity related to their specialization in a self-employed field.

The budget is 80 million euros (Public Expenditure) and is divided into 2 categories of beneficiaries:

Beneficiary Category A: New Enterprises (60% of the budget) Unemployed registered in the unemployed records of OAED, Full or partial or seasonal employees, Existing entrepreneurs who will set up a new company with unemployed or wage earners.

Beneficiary Category B: Existing Businesses (40% of the budget)

Existing individual entrepreneurs: self-employed persons who at the date of application were active with at least one eligible and relevant to their specialty (degree) numerical code of the Statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community (NACE).

Total subsidized budget:

·         From 5,000 euros to 25,000 euros per beneficiary.

·         Up to 40,000 euros for cooperative schemes of 2 people

·         Up to 50,000 euros for collaborative schemes of up to 3 people

The Public Funding rate is 100% of the total subsidized budget of each investment project.

The Electronic submission will be concluded in 3 cycles

·         1st submission period: Starting 5.7.2017 - Ending 9.8.2017

·         2nd submission period: Starting 6.9.2017 - Ending 11.10.2017

·         3rd submission: Starting 8.11.2017 - Ending 13.12.2017


The submission will be made, solely, through the State Aid information management system at

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Find here the Information leaflet for the action