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Public Consultation Day for the 'Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation' Operational Programme ("EPAnEK-kinisi") of the new NRSF [3/4/2014]

Speaking at the public consultation day on 'EPAnEK-kinisi', Mr Hatzidakis noted that the programme, which will be the largest operational programme of the new NSRF, marks a break with the decades-old tradition that focused chiefly on technical works, as funds will now be channelled towards:

- Tourism in general and specific forms of tourism.

- The Agri-food sector, in cooperation with the Ministry of Rural Development

- Logistics (supply chain)

- The Environmental industry

- The health sector and the pharmaceutical industry.

- Energy production and saving.

- Information and Communications Technologies.

- The sector of materials-constructions.

- Creative industries that include sectors such as Greek design and culture.

Moreover, the qualitative characteristics that will be enhanced by the new programme will be innovation and extroversion. It is known that, as instructed by the Prime Minister, Mr. A. Samaras, the funds to strengthen innovation are doubled, increasing from 4% of the budget during the last programme to 8%. Moreover, even if an enterprise is not included in the priority sectors, it can receive financing if it is clearly export-oriented.

In reference to the problem of liquidity, the Minister for Development stressed the need to create specially adapted, flexible financial products in the countries more adversely affected by the crisis, such as Greece, and to utilise non-banking financing instruments, such as business angels and venture capital funds. As he stressed, "generally speaking, our new philosophy must focus less on direct aid and more on greater leveraging of funds".

He also noted that 9 Sectoral Councils, one for each priority sector will be established for the 'EPAnEK-kinisi' Programme, and will consist of representatives of the business community who will monitor the implementation of the development plan, proposing measures and strategies to support each sector and recording whether policies are being implemented and what their impact on competitiveness is.

Following the completion of the public consultation, which will last until 22 April, the ''EPAnEK-kinisi' Programme will be sent to Brussels, while all Sector and Regional Programmes are expected to have been sent to the European Commission by 28 April.

The detailed texts subject to public consultation will be posted on:





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1. Speech by the Minister for Development and Competitiveness, Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis, at the Public Consultation Day on the 'Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation' Operational Programme (EPAnEK-kinisi) of the new NSRF 3/4/2014
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