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Approval through the 5th Written Procedure of the Specialization Bulletins & Criteria for Evaluation & Selection of Operations under Investment Priorities 6c and 8v of the ERDF / ERDF

Axes 03 / 03S: Investment Priority 6c (ERDF)

  1.  Modification of the Specialization Bulletin of the Action "Assistance in the improvement of public infrastructure contributing to the utilization of the country's natural and cultural stock and the development of tourism" (code 03-6c-3.5-01)
  2.  Specialization Bulletin of the new Action "Assistance in the integration of infrastructures for the promotion of the specific cultural identity of an area" (code 03-6c-3.5-04) (new segmented tourism projects)
  3. Specialization Bulletin of the new Action "Transportable project of EPAN II: Fixing, rehabilitation, promotion and re-use of Fort Bourtzi in Nafplio" (code 03-6c-3.5-05)
  4. Specificity of the evaluation criteria for proposals for the integration of actions under all actions of the investment priority 6c "Preservation, protection, promotion and development of natural and cultural heritage"
Axes 02/02: Investment Priority 8v (EKT)
5. Modification of Specialization Bulletin (with rewording of title) "Training and certification of knowledge and skills of employees in the private sector" (code 02-8v-2.2-01)
6. New version of the evaluation and selection criteria for actions under Action 02-8v-2.2-01 regarding their specialization and rating

Decision of the 5th Written Procedure


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