List of Operations

To ensure transparency concerning support from the Funds, in accordance to Regulation (EC) 1303/2013 article 115 par. 2, a list of operations i.e. a list of all the public projects and state aids selected for co-funding under the PA 2014-2020 by Operational Programme and by Fund is published online.

The list is provided by the Monitoring Information System (MIS) Service in a spreadsheet data format, which allows data to be sorted, searched, extracted, compared and easily published on the internet.

The list's contents are determined in Regulation (EC) 1302/2013 Annex XII and include the following data fields:

  • beneficiary name (only of legal entities, no natural persons shall be named);
  • operation name;
  • operation summary;
  • operation start date;
  • operation end date (expected date for physical completion or full implementation of the operation);
  • total eligible expenditure allocated to the operation;
  • Union co-financing rate, as per priority axis;
  • operation postcode; or other appropriate location indicator;
  • country;
  • name of category of intervention for the operation in accordance with point (b) (vi) of the first subparagraph of Article 96 (2);

The list is provided here in greek language, however, in accordance to Regulation (EC) 1302/2013 Annex XII, the headings of the data fields are also provided in english.


You can see the List of Operations here