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What is the central developmental goal of OPCE II?

The central developmental goal of OPCE II is to improve the competitiveness and extroversion of enterprises and of the production system, placing emphasis on the dimension of innovation. This goal will be achieved through actions that support: expediting the transition to a knowledge economy; developing healthy, sustainable and extroverted entrepreneurship; enhancing the attractiveness of Greece as an area of environment-friendly development of business activity.

What is the budget of OPCE II?

The total Public Expenditure of OPCE II amounts to 1,818 million euro for the 8 geographical regions of intervention of the Operational Programme ΅Competitiveness & EntrepreneurshipΆ – OPCE II (objective 1 regions) and 890 million euro for the remaining 5 phasing-out Regions (Attica, Western Macedonia, Central Macedonia, Southern Aegean, Sterea Hellas) that are under the intervention competence of the corresponding Regional Operational Programmes (ROPs). The total Public Expenditure for all 13 regions amounts to 2,708 million euro.

What are the main priorities of OPCE II for the 2007-2013 period?

The promotion of innovation, supported by research and technological development, the strengthening of entrepreneurship and extroversion, the improvement of the business environment, the integration of the countryΆs energy system and the strengthening of sustainability.

Which operation sectors will be financed within the framework of OPCE II?

The operation sectors financed by OPCE II are Industry, Energy, Tourism, Research & Development, Consumer Protection, Trade, Culture and Human Resources. 

Do the programmes tendered within the framework of OPCE II concern all of Greece or specific geographic regions of the country?

The programmes tendered by OPCE II generally concern the entire territory of Greece. There is specific budget allocation for the 5 phasing-out regions.

Is it possible to receive direct electronic notifications – updates on programmes tendered within the framework of OPCE II?

The OPCE II website,, features a “I want to receive information!” option, where interested parties can enter their e-mail addresses in order to receive updates on any new posts on the OPCE II website concerning calls, tendered programmes, press releases, notifications, events etc. that concern the Operational Programme 'Competitiveness & Entrepreneurship', as well as other operational programmes managed by the Managing Authority of the OPCE, such as the OP 'National Contingency Reserve' and the OP 'Human Resources Development'.

How can interested parties receive information on the programmes and read the programme guides? What is the cost of receiving information documents?

The Information Desk at 56 Mesogion Avenue, Athens, provides information to interested parties, who can call 801 11 36 300 or visit in person to receive printed material, which is distributed free of charge (from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm). The guides can also be found online at the OPCE II website,, in the 'Open Calls' section, as well as on the and websites. information material is also provided by the competent Intermediate Management Agencies, which are primarily responsible for providing information to the public on actions being implemented. 

What is the amount and percentage of financing in OPCE II programmes? Is private participation necessary? What are the necessary supporting documents?

The amount and percentage of financing is not fixed, but is set out in the guide of each call. The percentage of private participation is also set in accordance with the percentage of financing. The supporting documents required are listed in detail in the call guides. 

Does the inclusion of an enterprise in another European programme preclude it from participating in an OPCE II programme?

The de minimis rule applies to certain OPCE II programmes, precluding enterprises from cumulatively receiving aid exceeding the amount of 200,000 euro over a 3-year period.  

Do only Greek citizens have the right to submit proposals for OPCE II programmes or do foreigners also have that right?

Interested investors must be lawfully residing in the country and meet all the requirements listed in the guide of each call. 

What is the time period required for the evaluation and approval of submitted proposals?

There is no specific schedule for the evaluation of proposals. The time period required is determined by the amount of proposals submitted for each programme. 

Is there information in the Mass Media concerning the tendering of new programmes by OPCE II?

Each time an investment programme is tendered, notices are posted in the national and regional Press, as well as on the websites of the agencies tendering the programmes. Information is also posted on the, and websites. 

To which agencies are proposals submitted?

Proposals are submitted to the agencies set out in each call and listed in the programme guides. 

Will programmes for women and young entrepreneurs for the establishment of new enterprises be tendered?

At present, there are no open calls that concern women and young entrepreneurs. Should such programmes be tendered in the future, they will be immediately posted on the following websites:,,  

Is there a schedule for the regular tendering of new programmes during the year?

There is no specific schedule for the tendering of new programmes.

Are there specific supporting documents that interested parties must submit in order to be included in a programme?

Each programme has different objectives, requirements, beneficiaries and eligible expenditures; thus, the necessary supporting documents are different for each programme.

Do I need to be unemployed in order to be included in a certain programme?

If there is a programme that concerns unemployed persons, interested parties must meet the requirements in order to be included in such a programme (e.g. valid unemployment card).

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