Video on the Information and Communication actions of the OPCEII for the period 2010-2012 - 7/12/2012

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Case studies of entrepreneurs who have successfully used funds - 7/12/2012

Case studies of entrepreneurs who have successfully used funds from the following programmes:

  • Phase 2 - Hellenic Technology Clusters in Micro-electronics
  • Manufacturing under new conditions
  • Extroversion-Competitiveness of enterprises
  • Creation and support of new innovative enterprises- Spin Off & Spin Out

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Modernisation of Land Freight Road Transport. We Move Greece with Safety and Respect for the Environment - 20/2/2012

The purpose of the programme is to secure to the greatest extent possible and for the benefit of aid-receiving enterprises.

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National Reserve - 24/11/2011

Enterprises are boosted with funds, covering their entire (100%) business plan, up to the amount of €20.000, provided they create one new job of one year duration, they are funded with an additional amount of €15.000.

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Alternative Tourism - 24/11/2011

The “Alternative Tourism” Programme concerns investments in the sector of Tourism by existing enterprises active or intending to diversify in alternative forms of tourism. The Programme aims to upgrade the tourism products and services of these enterprises and to extend the tourist period.

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Business Extroversion – Competitiveness - 24/5/2011

"Business Extroversion – Competitiveness" programme gives you the opportunity to develop your enterprise and improve competitiveness in new markets.

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Green Tourism - 20/1/2011

“Green Tourism” which is part of the Operational Programme Competitiveness & Entrepreneurship (EPAN II) is helping you re-design the future of your tourism business, making it more competitive and environmentally friendly.

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Manufacturing under new conditions - 9/9/2010

The “Manufacturing under new conditions” Programme of EPAN II targets existing, newly formed or under establishment enterprises, which are small and very small in size and are active in Greece in the sectors of manufacturing and supporting services.

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OPCE II document, (2nd edition) - 9/9/2010

OPCE II  is an Operational Programme of the NSRF that supports Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship of Greek enterprises and, by extension, strengthens our country’s development.

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